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Currie Anti-Rock Install

Every now and then I'll do a write-up on an install that went on someone else's Jeep.  I helped Les do his Super 44 axle swap a couple of months ago.   He recently picked up a  Currie Anti-Rock for his TJ.  ScottK offered to host a wrenching party at his place so Les and I took him up on the opportunity.  I did my radiator replacement and then we did Les' Anti-Rock.  

Les runs a Bullet Proof bumper on his TJ.  The mounting brackets for the bumper cover part of the tubular cross member that the AntiRock mounts in.  We all took a session with either the sawsall or the grinder.  Here is Scott putting the finishing touches on with the angle grinder while Les and I read through the directions (yeah, OK, we admit that we did actually read them!)

We used a piece of 2x4 and a good sized hammer to fully seat the nylon inserts into the cross member.  Before you do this, be sure to check the inside of the tube to ensure there are no burrs that will interfere with the insert.  On Les' TJ, one was nice and smooth and the other required a couple of passes with the die grinder before we placed the insert.

After both inserts are in place, apply a bit of grease to the end of the AntiRock bar before you tap it into place.  The above photo shows the bar emerging from the opposite insert.  Ensure that you have equal amounts of the shaft protruding from both inserts.  We used the 2x4 on the end of the bar while tapping it into place with the hammer.

With the bar in place, slip the arms onto the end of the shaft.  To make it easy to align both arms, install them vertically, rather than trying to hold them horizontal and hoping to get them parallel.

With the arms in place, very lightly tighten the bolt that holds it to the bar.  You should be just able to barely move the arm back and forth on the bar.  At this point, slide the the arm out to the end of the bar and just a bit further.  When looking at the end of the bar, it should be recessed just a bit in the arm.

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