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Axle, Differential, & Drive Shaft

This section covers axles, differentials, and drive shafts.....perhaps some of the most frequently broken components in your vehicle.  Taking good care of them is essential to getting home from the trail without doing your wrenching on the trail.  Lots of folks swap in after market axles from major axle companies, such as Currie Enterprises.  Other folks prefer to pick through the remains at the local junk yards in hope of finding one suitable for putting under their TJ.  A double cardan drive shaft (commonly called a CV drive shaft) is needed once your suspension lift exceeds about 3 inches.  With it comes the need for a SYE (slip yoke eliminator) which helps reduce the overall length of the transfer case and thus allows for a longer driveshaft.  Lockers and limited slip differentials are very helpful upgrades and which one is right for you depends greatly on where you live and what you intend to do with your TJ. 


Drive Shaft

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