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Heated Seats for your Jeep
by Mike Forbes

Note from Stu:  Mike and I had been exchanging some e-mails for a bit when he asked me if I wanted a write-up regarding the heated seat installation he recently completed in his LJ.  Since it would be very applicable for other TJ owners, I told him that sharing it with the site's readers would be a great.  So here is Mike's write-up regarding the seat heaters going into his LJ.

I wanted to add heated seats to our LJ.  Check Corporation makes some that sell on Quadratec and heatyourseat.com.  They also apparently make the Mopar version for the JK, part number 82210854AC. Various places out there sell Mopar parts including Quadratec and your dealer.  I paid $278, including shipping, from moparonlineparts.com.

The nice thing about the JK version is they will fit the LJ and TJ without any modifications.  They connect to the cigarette lighter wiring and can provide power to both seats.  They have 3 settings low, medium and high.  The high is way toasty, and the medium and low settings work great as well.  Note, if you have back issues, the heated seats are even nice in the summer. <grin>


Remove the negative cable from the battery for safety.  We have airbags in the dash and other wiring so be safe.


The Parts!  Mopar sends you everything from the seat heaters to the hog rings needed to put things back together.


Hog Ring Pliers are essential! Proceed forward at your own peril without them!  Yes you could use channel locks or pliers but you must be a master of patience that I am not.  Hog Ring pliers are about 14 bucks at a decent hardware store, you can also get them online.  You could also probably make your own.  They have an indentation on the jaws that hold the hog ring while you install it and they help close them up nicely.


So to get started, remove the top cover near the windshield on the dash.  This just pops up, its held in with a few clips.


Remove the two Phillips screws on the top of the the center bezel.  With these removed you can pull the center bezel up and forward while also pulling forward on the bottom.  Note the bottom is held in at the bottom with the same clips as the cover on the dash.


Remove the cigarette lighter setup by removing the screws on the sides.

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