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I got a couple of new items from Tough Stuff Products, Inc and thought I would share a couple of them here.  As with the other items made by the folks at TSP, this one fills another one of those niches that no one else thought about.  As I write this, I've not seen the Netz show up on their web site....hopefully they will be there shortly. 

The Netz come in various shapes and sizes and provide additional storage space.  I'm talking about those things that come with you each time you get into the TJ and leave when you do.....yet, when you are out on the trail and the Jeep is rocking and rolling around (some folks do this more than others), you don't want those items to leave the Jeep unnoticed.  I've done some obstacles where my wallet (usually I toss it in the center console depression forward of the shifter) was later found in the rear of the vehicel....oh yeah, there was the time that my cell phone almost took a....anyway, I think you get the idea.  For me, Netz provide a pretty secure place to toss these items but yet provides easy access when you need something.

The first one I tried was a the Door Netz.  It came packaged with a Console Netz but I was unable to mount that one as I have a power inverter occupying that space on the console (passenger side of the shifter console).


As with the other TSP products I have used, the Netz come packed in a box with instructions and templates.  Hand tools for this was pretty simple; phillips screwdriver and a 3/32" drill bit. 


After reading the directions, I trimmed the excess from the supplied template and taped it to the plastic door panel in the position indicated on the template.  I grabbed my cordless drill and carefully drill the four holes in the locations marked on the template.


With the holes drilled, the template is removed and the supplied snaps are screwed into place.  Note the warning about not over tightening the screws (hey, you are only putting them into plastic). 


Last, the door Netz is then snapped onto the door panel.  That's it!  (sorry it wasn't harder....lets mark this project as a 1 on the easy scale)   Sorry I didn't have something better to toss into the Netz other than my screwdriver, but I think you get the picture.   Now, do the other door with the same template....just flip it over and tape it in place to drill your holes.

As I mentioned above, the other Netz that came in the box attaches to the right hand side of the shifter console.  It is about 11"x4". 


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