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Safari Straps

So....maybe you aren't in the market for a roll cage net or window nets?  OK....I understand that not everyone needs those items in their Jeep (but they are pretty darn cool!).  There are a couple of must have items that every Jeep needs.  I had a chance to check out several of them and was quite impressed with what I saw.  Here are a couple that I just couldn't do without! 

Grab Handles


Just two words describe these grab handles.....heavy duty and comfortable.  Sometimes those two words don't go well together but in this case, they do.  Available in black or black (that's a joke!), they will go well with any TJ color scheme.


I put the grab handles on the roll cage bars to assist me getting into the TJ.  They can be place just about anywhere you have roll bars.  Getting into the rear of a lifted TJ is a lot easier with a couple of these on the rear roll bars. 

Cell Phone Holder


I've never lost my cell phone on the trail....but I found someone's cell phone on a trail one time.  I'm thinking the owner should have had one of these.  Self adjusting to accommodate most any cell phone, this is the perfect place to put it so I won't find your phone on the trail.  I like it because it locates the phone up higher in the vehicle which gives you a little edge on signal strength and it keeps it close to my head making it easier to hear it ring. 

Fire Extinguisher Holder


I won't show you what I using to keep this fire extinguisher in place before I switched to the holder from Safari Straps.  This holder rocks!  The lower strap has a "bottom" strap sewn to it to keep the extinguisher from sliding down and out of the holder.  As with the others items, full width Velcro is used to secure the retaining straps in position.  This extinguisher is really in there.  However, peeling back the two straps easily releases it if you should need it (and hopefully you never will). 

Drink cooler


Looking for something to stash that 20 oz. drink in?  This will keep it for you.  Comes with a carabineer detachable Velcro strap to keep it from bouncing out of the Jeep.  A zippered pouch on the front keeps all that other "stuff" that you need on the trail....well, maybe not the 30' recovery strap, but most of the other stuff will fit. <grin>




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