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Bumpers, Tires, & Tire Carriers

Bumpers are often times one of the more popular items that a new Jeeper installs on their vehicle.  The stock tire carrier that is attached to the door is often times discarded and a new tire carrier that integrates with the new rear bumper is obtained.   Watch your approach and departure angles when shopping for a new bumper.  A bumper that protrudes out from the vehicle can quickly kill your ability to get up on a ledge or other obstacle....and dragging your rear end off of every ledge gets old real quick.  A quality TJ bumper will go a long way towards making your off-road trip a memorable one.  Upgrading to an aftermarket front or rear Jeep TJ bumper allows the ability to customize the vehicle to the look one wants, while providing superior protection that can stand up to the rigors of any driving adventure.


Bumpers, Tires & Tire Carriers

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