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Air Filter Replacement

Changing you air filter is a very easy job and one that you can do in just a couple of minutes.  It is important to keep your air filter in good condition.  A dirty filter will restrict air flow to your engine and cause poor performance and gas mileage. 


The air filter is located inside of the air cleaner box.  Depending on which year your Jeep was made, the air cleaner box is located in different spots in the engine compartment.  On mine, it is bolted to the passenger side fender well.  I have to remove the breather tube from the air filter box cover.  This is done with a screwdriver.  Once the screw is loosened, I pull the tube off of the air cleaner box.



The cover of the air cleaner box is held in position with a half dozen spring clips.  The clips much be released for the cover to be removed.  Sometimes a screw driver is useful in releasing the clips.   Once the clips are released, the cover can be lifted from the air cleaner box. 



The filter sits in the top of the air cleaner box.  Lift it out to inspect the filter and/or replace it.  Reverse the above steps to install the new filter and restore the air cleaner box to normal.




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