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JB Super Short SYE Installation

By Mike Forbes


Note:  This installation write-up of the JB Super Short SYE installation is provided courtesy of Mike Forbes.  Mike was doing the install on his 2005 TJ and asked if I wanted to put the info on the site.  Since the site is all about sharing this kind of work with others, I was happy to accept his offer.  So here it is, direct from Mike.   And Mike....thanks again for providing this info for everyone else to use.

With a Rokem supplied OME suspension and a AEV Tummy Tucker installed, a new rear driveshaft and SYE was called for. I chose the JB Super Short so I could run a longer drive shaft. On this project my driveshaft ended up at 18 3/16" from yoke to yoke, Tom Woods built the new driveshaft. Your installations will vary so do not even pondering ordering this size until your installation is complete, your rear upper control arms are installed and the proper pinion angle set.

Tools used:

Snap Ring Pliers, a good pair with long tips to get into the tail housing. I managed with a pair of Lock Ring Pliers, I used Lisle 44900 pliers I ordered from Amazon, they didn't open quite enough but I place the tip of a slotted screw driver in between the ring and the pliers and that was enough.
10 mm 12 point for the transfer case.
18mm Socket for removal of center skit bolts.
1/2" Socket for removal of transmission mount nuts.
15mm Socket for removal of the transfer case bolts.
10mm Socket for removal of transfer case tail housing.
10mm hex socket for the drain plug.
8mm socket for Driveshaft removal.
1 1/8 socket for Yoke nuts.
Cold Chisel.

Note:  This was done on the Jeep to save time, one could just as easily remove the transfer case from the Jeep.

Step 1. Support the transmission with a jack stand.

Step 2. Place a floor jack under the center skid.

Step 3. Remove the 4 1/2" nuts connected to the transmission support.

Step 4. Remove the 3 18mm bolts from each side of the center shovel.

Step 5. Slowly lower the center skid and put somewhere out of the way and off the jack. Be careful! This skid is heavy and hard to balance on a floor jack!

Step 6. Remove the Front Drive Shaft with an 8mm socket. I marked mine for position before removal.

Step 7. Remove the front yoke with 1 1/8 socket and an impact wrench. I put my transfer case into 4HI with the Jeep in gear and removed the nut.

Step 6. Remove the metal bands on the rubber boot on the stock rear drive shaft, they twist off easily with a set of pliers.

Step 7. Remove the rear drive shaft from the yoke on the rear differential. This is done by removing the 4 8mm bolts holding the 2 straps.

Step 8. With the straps removed, slid the drive shaft off the output shaft of the transfer case.


Step 9. Drain the transfer case by removing the 10 mm hex drain plug.

Now comes the fun part. Some TJs have a harmonic balancer on the output shaft of the transfer case. Some don't, I was lucky enough to have one.


Step 10. To remove the harmonic balancer you will need 3 M6 2inch bolts fully threaded.
Preferably grade 10.8. Note this is metric grading not standard which we are all familiar with. Grade 10.8 would be close to grade 8 for standard bolts. I had to use Grade 8.8 metric for this removal as I could not find 10.8. I bent several bolts in the process.

If you have a tap for M6 clean out the treads, if not PB Blaster them a lot and spray the bolts down with WD-40 so they thread easily. Insert the bolts and turn them all evenly and the harmonic balancer will slow pull itself off. Note: This will damage the tail housing but since you adding a super short housing anyways this is not an issue. I had to swap bolts as my weak bolts could not handle it and bent, but I swapped out them before they broke and the balancer came off without incident.


Step 11. With the harmonic balancer off you can see the rear seal. Place a cold chisel between the seal and the tail housing and tap with a hammer to remove the seal.


Step 12. You will see a a big snap ring holding the tail housing to the output shaft. Using our snap ring pliers and safety glasses, remove this inner ring. Note this can be a pain as my snap ring pliers did not have a snug fit in the holes, I needed fatter tips. Patience and several tries later with lots of pressure towards the transfer case so the pliers would not fall out I removed the snap ring.


Step 13. Remove the lock ring on the output shaft next. Using the lock ring pliers spread the lock ring enough to remove it from the output shaft.

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