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S&W Delta Force Tactical Flashlight


On the 3rd day of the Front Sight 4 Day Defensive Handgun course, the class runs late into the evening.  The night shoot training occurs once the sun goes down and requires the participants to use a flashlight.  As much as I like my NightStar flashlight, it's not a high lumen output tactical flashlight (it was never intended to be).  I spoke with a friend who pointed me in the direction of the Smith & Wesson Delta Force light.  The price was right for what I needed it for and the limited use it was going to see after the training class had concluded.


I picked my flashlight up at the local Big 5 Sporting Goods store (I would never have thought they carried them but they did).  Regular price was $39.99 but I caught the sale price for $29.99. 

The flashlight came with everything you see above....flashlight, nylon carry case, two batteries, and a spare bulb (with holder attached to the supplied keychain).


Access to the batteries is obtained by unscrewing the tail piece of the flashlight.  Two CR123 3 volt lithium batteries power the flashlight.  Part of the reason this light generates 93 lumens of light power is due to the 6 volts worth of batteries powering a 4.5 volt, .85 amp, Xenon bulb.  It is similar to over-clocking the CPU in your home computer.....performance goes up but so does the heating factor and power consumption.  The owner's manual that comes with the flashlight warns against the higher than normal operating temps of the flashlight.  Battery life is stated to be 90~120 minutes.  I've not verified this personally but it seems reasonable given that these batteries are rated at about a 1400 mA capacity.


The 6063-T6 aluminum alloy constructed case provides a light weight unit that can withstand normal use and then some.  The Delta Force carries a black anodized finish, inside and out.  Double "O" ring construction helps ensure your flashlight is well protected from moisture.  The Xenon bulb is protected by a shatterproof, scratch resistant polycarbonate high tension lens.  The 5" x 1.25" flashlight tips the scales at just 4 ounces. 



Unlike many flashlights, the "Lock-Out" switch, as S&W calls it, is embedded in the tail piece.  Basically, it is a dual function switch.  Turning  the tail piece clockwise a turn or two will cause the flashlight to illuminate continuously.  Once on, if you turn the tail piece about a 1/2 turn counter-clockwise, the light will go off.  In this position, you can press the rubber end of the tail piece with your thumb and the light will again turn on....release it and the light is off.  This allows you to easily control the light's illumination with your weak hand while ensuring proper aiming of the tactical flashlight. 

With a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, the Delta Force light will be replaced or repaired free of charge.  The light is licensed for production to Power Tech by Smith & Wesson and is made in China.  Had I not read the "Made in China" on the package, I never would have thought it was as the quality appears to be top shelf. 

If you are looking for a tactical shooting light that won't break the bank, you may wish to consider this one. 





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