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Garmin III+ Mounted

Garmin offers a couple of various methods by which to mount their GPS receivers.  I opted for a mount that would orient my III+ receiver in the horizontal format.  Likewise, I wanted to be able to easily remove my GPS receiver (to prevent theft, use it in another vehicle, take it into the house to upload map data, etc.).  I checked at the local outdoor sporting goods store and found a mount that would do just what I needed.


I settled on the Garmin mount pictured above.  It snaps/screws onto the receiver and has an adjustment that pretty much allows for any viewing angle you could ask for.  I used some 2" wide hook and loop tape to secure the mounting base to the top of my dash.  That satisfied the requirement that it be easy to removed from the Jeep.


I use a Garmin 12 VDC cord to power the unit.  It drops behind my dash and hooks up to the +12V unswitched lead by the fuse box.  (I had to use it for something, right?)  Even if accidentally left on, the receiver draws so little current that the Yellow Top battery will run it for weeks without a problem.  On the left side of the mount is the thumb screw that is used to adjust the viewing angle of the receiver.


Sorry for the grainy picture....low ambient light in the garage (the flash kept washing out the display).  I wanted you to see a picture of what it looks like from the driver's seat.  The antenna can be titled off to the side at the cost of reduced signal strength.  Out here in the desert, that is really not much of an issue. 

So, there you have it, a simple and effective mounting system for the Garmin III+.  This same setup would work with the Garmin V as well.

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