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Toys by Troy Side Sliders

Note:  Toys by Troy shut down their operation at the end of 2007.  Instead of removing this write-up, I am leaving it on the web site for a couple of reasons.  The steps for installing it are pretty much the same as one from another manufacturer and so you'll get an idea of what is involved if you decide to do this type of modification.  If you happen to come across one on the used market, you'll have some information about it that can help you do the installation correctly.

Side sliders?  Yep, side sliders.....they protect the TJ body between the rear corner guards and your rock steps.  That spot right behind your door (before you get to the flare) seems to be a rock magnet at times.....it covers that.....and the body area above your flares....taken care of.    We take our doors off to make sure we don't nail them with a big ol' rock....and we cover our rockers so we keep them from getting all banged up.  And what happens?  You guessed it, that rig rock finds that strip of vulnerable body and whacks it.  So throw on a pair of side sliders and help take the bite out of that rock. 

NOTE:  Before I get started on the install comments, I will say that I did NOT have the proper rear corner guards to make this a "bolt on" modification.  Although my corner guards came from Troy, they are 1st generation vintage (maybe even older than that depending on how you track the changes).   My guards did not match up correctly with side sliders as the sliders were made for the more recent corner guard design.  As such, I used the grinder in a few places to get everything to line up.  No biggie, it made for an enjoyable Saturday morning when MikeW came over to help with the install.



A 4" angle grinder with a 60 grit flapper disc makes for a great fitting tool.  It is much easier to control than the hard cutting/grinding wheels.  You can gently remove a burr from a piece of metal or you can lay into it and do some serious metal removal.  As they say, it's all in the wrist.  Myself, I prefer the "trim a bit and test fit....repeat as necessary" method.  It takes a little longer but I get better results in the end.  So the first part of this project was taken up using the angle grinder to make new parts and old parts fit together. 


Once I was satisfied with the fit (the trimming took more time than the actual mounting), Mike grabbed one end of the slider (he is out of the picture here) and I the other.  I put a 5/16" bit in the cordless drill and marked one of the upper holes using the slider as the template.  Keep the slider pressed firmly against the TJ's body to ensure hole accuracy.


With the hole properly marked, I used a corded drill to finish the work.  BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU DRILL AS YOU DON'T WANT TO PIERCE ANY WIRING ON THE OTHER SIDE!   No, I didn't drill through a wiring harness.....just passing along a good  reminder.  Cutting into a wire bundle with a drill bit is a lousy way to spend your free time splicing wires. 

After the upper hole is drilled, place the side slider in position and secure with one of the button head screws and a flange nut. 

Next, mark and drill the forward most hole by the rocker guard (below the door).  THERE IS A WIRE BUNDLE ON THE INSIDE OF THE TUB (DRIVER'S SIDE), VERY CLOSE TO WHERE THIS HOLE WILL BE DRILLED, SO BE VERY CAREFUL!   Install another button head bolt and loosely tighten.

Take a couple of minutes and make sure all of the mating edges are lining up correctly.   The rear mounting point on the slider should be flush against the corner guard (above the rear tail light).  If all looks good, tighten the two screws that you have already installed.  Now mark the remaining holes for drilling.  I drilled the four 5/16" holes with the side slider bolted in place.  When you drill the two holes adjacent to the rear edge of the door (the top and middle holes), you will see that the body is double sided in that area.  You will need to drill through the inner side too.  Keep the drill straight and level and continue drilling the hole all the way through.  You will enlarge the inner hole later on.


Note that the rear mounting point uses a 3/8" bolt so you'll need to change drill bits for that one.  I used a center punch to mark the hole and then drilled it with the side slider in position. 


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