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Our Chicken Coop

nearly completed chicken coop

Once the roof was finished, our attention was turned to getting the side walls in place.  Some small pieces were also cut to cover the gap between the Gambrel roof and the front and back walls.  The last thing to do was to cut the two door panels and attach them to the hinges.


baby chicks in the new chicken coop

A few days later, we got a call from our local farm co-op that our chicks were in.  We headed off to town to retrieve them and pick up some bedding and a bag of chick starter.  I had gotten the feeders and water fountain earlier so we were good to go.  Once we got them home, we gave them water and let them hydrate for a couple hours before giving them food.  The last thing I needed was for the hungry chicks to fill up on food and then drink a bunch of water....not a good way to start of the season. 


side door and ramp for the chicken coop

During the next week, with the weather getting warmer again, we installed some fence and I put a door and ramp for easy access.  After the first batch of chicks, we enlarged the area so the chicks would get around to the back side of the coop to avoid the afternoon sun. 

ready for butchering 

Less than 8 weeks after we got the chicks, they were ready for butchering.  These Cornish cross birds grow like weeds and are great tasting too.  As I write this article, we are getting the coop ready for our 3rd season of chicks. 

painting the chicken coop

Later in the summer, after the chickens were butchered, we got a good coat of outdoor paint on the coop.  Some of the lumber was quite green when we were building.  It all had a good chance to dry properly during the summer. 

More Chicken Coop



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