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Aluminum Fire Extinguisher Mount

Carrying a fire extinguisher in your Jeep makes very good sense.  Few vehicles are as highly modified and put into more challenging situations than our TJs.  As such, fire is a risk that cannot be ignored.  Not everyone's electrical wiring skills are as good as they should be and so electrical fires are a reality.  A fuel spill (lots of folks carry Jerry cans filled with gasoline) can lead to a fire.  Take either of these possibilities and combine them with a roll over.....a fire can certainly occur.  It may not be your vehicle but it could be your friend's rig or perhaps a stranger you encounter out on the trail.  Having your fire extinguisher handy and quick to get into action is important.  Having your fire extinguisher in a sturdy, reliable mount is a necessity.  Anything less and you are....well....playing with fire, as they say.

I've tried no less than three fire extinguisher mounts over the years.  With this new mount, available from Off-Road Solutions, I think I might very well have found the last one I'll ever need. 

fire extinguisher mount

Machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, the two piece mount is both simple and rugged.  One half of the mount is attached to the fire extinguisher using a pair of regular hose clamps.  The other half of the mount can be attached to another round surface, such as a roll cage bar, or to a flat surface.  Both parts of the mount are designed to use either straps (hose clamps or industrial strength cable ties) or counter sunk screws for mounting purposes which allows for a variety of installation options.  Note that mounting hardware is not included with the mount.  I picked up the exact size (3 1/2") hose clamps to fit my extinguisher for $3.27 (tax included) at the local auto parts store. 

fire extinguisher mount

As you can see in the above photo, the two pieces hinge together (using a 316 stainless steel pin) and are then locked into place with a 3/8" stainless steel retaining pin.  When assembled, the mount is 7" x 1.25" x 1".  The retaining pin is tethered on a nylon coated 6" stainless steel cable.  The attention to detail is what I appreciate most about this mount.  For example, note the machined ridges, on the inboard sides of both mounting holes (in the above photo).  These ridges prevent the hose clamps from moving on the mount.  The other half of the mount has these same ridges on it as well. 

retaining pin

The retaining pin uses a spring loaded detent ball to secure it in place.  A cheaper design would have used a clip through a hole in the pin instead of the detent ball.  While that option would work, it would also make it slower to remove the retaining pin and put the fire extinguisher into action.  It would also make it easy to lose the clip. 

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