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Hassayampa River to Fools Canyon

A long time ago in Arizona, the Indians came upon a river that flowed above ground only when it wanted to. The rest of the time the river would only peek above ground a little here and a little there. The rest of the river chose to flow underground, giving the appearance of being only a dried out riverbed. For this reason the Indians named the river the Hassayampa, which means "the upside-down river".

On April 8, 2000, I was fortunate enough to go with six other off-road vehicles (Jeeps outnumbered the others 3:1) for a great day of adventure near Wickenburg, Arizona.  We were exploring the Hassayampa River upstream of Wickenburg, AZ.  The plan was to go up the river to Fools Canyon, which lies several hours up the river.  The other trivia fact of this little off-road trip was that all of the adult participants were ham radio operators.  Don't ask me to repeat any call signs (OK, Tom, I can remember yours on account of knowing you for several years).   Heck, I was lucky to make it to the end of the day and not get everyone's name all messed up!

We headed northwest out of Wickenburg, turning off on Rincon Road.  A couple of miles down the road and we left the asphalt behind.   This was a good place to stop and air down.


Donna snapped a picture of some of us airing down

We stopped by the river to take a group photo of all the mighty adventurer's.  Donna being the Girl Scout leader that she is, noticed some smoke about 100 yards away, across the river.  After the picture, we drove over to investigate and sure enough, a camp fire was still smoldering.  I grabbed the small utility shovel from the back of Lady (you do carry one, right?) and Donna took a trash bag down to the river to get some water.  Several bags of water and a goodly amount of dirt and things were in a much better status.  Although not certain, it was most likely the left over bon fire from the previous night's beer party.....or, some very sloppy campers.

Donna and Stu put out a smoldering camp fire they found along the trail


Spring being spring, and Donna being herself, she snapped a few shots of the local flora at one of our stops.  The desert really has a lot of plants in it and in the March and April time frame, you can see a lot of them in bloom.



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