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It was the end of October and Arizona had been having some unexpected rain storms.  Some parts of the state had seen enough rain to cause flooding to the point of receiving federal disaster classification.  We wanted to go wheelin', but not at the expense of getting caught in a flash flood.  This happened to some of the folks who had attended the Jamboree on the previous weekend.

The regular group of Steve, Dion, Larry, and myself were joined by Chip, YJ John, and CJ John for a run in the southern end of the White Tank Mountains.  Mesa, another of our regular group, was not able to make this run (maybe next time).  We met up at the Miller Road Exit on I-10 for a late Burger King breakfast and some time to discuss just where we wanted to go.

After killing a half hour or so, we headed under the freeway where we aired down and the TJs disconnected their front sway bars.  From there, we followed the dirt road that runs parallel to the freeway east to Watson Road.  A left turn onto Watson and a mile or so of travel takes us to the beginning of Appetizer.  Appetizer is an appropriate name as it is a short little trail that starts and ends in a wash and provides three good obstacles to get warmed up on.


The first obstacle is a sharp right had turn which forces you to climb the bedrock with your passenger rear tire.  About the time you are coming off of that rock, your driver front tire his going up another rock.  It is not terribly difficult, but easy enough to get a front fender or bumper into the rock while trying to navigate through.  Here is Dion doing a good job getting his YJ through.


Here is Larry going through the first obstacle.  His rear tire just came down off the rock and his front is climbing.  We keep asking Larry why he doesn't have any cable on his winch.  Seems like it would work a lot better if he had a little something to unwind when the going gets tough!  


Here I am just clearing the rock with my front tire.  As soon as my back one is over, I'll be done with that obstacle.  From this camera angle, it looks like there is no reason to have even gone over that rock in the first place. (unless you are Dion....he just likes going over rocks because they are there)

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