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Upper Terminator Trail

It had been a week since Lady had gotten the front end aligned, after her Round #2 build-up.  I was looking for some more challenging trails and had been putting off running the Terminators until I had some clearance under the TJ.

I sent some e-mail to a couple of my local Jeepin' buddies (Roger, Dion, and Ross).  It took a day for everyone to respond and we had an 8:30 appointment at the staging area on the west side of Table Mesa Road.  Roger and Ross had previously asked me to run the Terminators and Dion....well, Dion is always up for a run.  My trip last Sunday with Dion and some other friends had given us all a chance to get out on the trail.  I wanted to see if the hard work had payed off so a more challenging trail was on the schedule.

Some of the pictures in this trail write up are not quite up to the usual quality I post here.  The reason is that I borrowed a 8mm video camera from a friend at work and we needed to get some practice using it before our Moab trip got here.  So, Donna used the video camera today and I used the video capture feature of my PC's video card to make a few still shots.  Sorry about the lower quality, but still frame capture from video tape is just no up to the quality that a digital still camera can produce.  The good news is that Donna is now pretty well up on using the camera and we'll be able to get some good taping while running Moab at the end of April.


It didn't take long to get into the LO range that my new Tera 4:1 gears provide.  I love that new found 75:1 crawl ratio.  With the 35" MT/Rs, the t-case does a very good job of letting Lady idle along over many of the obstacles.  You can see Ross' highly modified CJ behind me.  He ran shotgun and I was just in front of him.  Ross did a nice job of spotting for me on much of the trail.  


Here is a shot of us lined up after getting through one of the obstacles.  As you can see, Upper Terminator runs through a typical Arizona wash.  There are plenty of rocks to climb on (Dion's favorite way to do a trail).  I followed him and Paola today in his YJ (which also just got a SOA conversion).  You have to understand that when you follow Dion, he will almost always show you the hardest line across an obstacle.  I guess that could be bad or good, depending on how you look at it.  As for me, well, I just watch which line he takes and then decide for myself if that is what I want to do.


I am getting lined up for the next obstacle.  As you can see, there is a bit of water still standing where the bedrock obstacles are.  This made for a more difficult time in keeping the tires where we wanted them to be.  I slipped off of a rock more than once because of the wet tires and mud.

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