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Cliff Hanger

Located down the road a few miles from the famous Moab Rim Trail, Cliff Hanger was a new trail for us during our October, 2001 run to Moab.  We were Jeepin' for a week with Scott and Teresa, our "just married" friends from Phoenix (they were honeymooning in Moab and invited us to wheel with them).  As it turned out, this trail would bring us more than we expected, in the form of two new Jeep friends that joined up with us as we started the trail.  Andy and Robert, both from central CA, were wrapping up their Moab week as were we.  We ran Cliff Hanger with them and also Poison Spider Mesa.  We have a standing invitation to visit them in CA.  Oh, did I mention that they aren't too far from the Dusy-Ershim Trail?  Oh yeah....I can see us stopping by to say hi....for a week!  


Scott and I check tire pressure at the beginning of the trail.  There is a nice spot at the trail head to form up a hand full of Jeeps for a fun run.  At this point, Andy and Robert were still coming down the road, as they had seen us go past the turn off they took and decided to follow us and see where we were headed.

The trails off to a fun start, immediately dropping you down a steep jumble of stair-step rocks.  There is a little riff-raff filter you go through (fun to watch the stockers that were ahead of us), but with 35" tires, we walked through it with no problem.  It was about there that Andy and Robert caught up with us.  A bit further down the trail, we stopped to eye-ball a ledge and got to talking with them.  As we were all running 35" tires or better w/ lockers, we decided we might as well run together.  Everyone knows that 4 Jeeps can get into and out of more trouble than just two!


Here is Scott checking out a spot on the trail.  According to our trail book (I had already loaded the GPS with this trails waypoints), we would have a couple of  notable obstacles on the trail.  The one the book talked about, and for which Cliff Hanger is best known, is the 4' ledge that you cross while the trail is at its narrowest section on the cliff edge (and it is a loooooooooooonnnnnnggggg way down to the bottom of that cliff, let me tell you).  


Scott snapped a picture of Lady as we went over that section he was just checking out.  Donna is keeping track of the passenger side tire for me.  No need to hop out and spot on this one.  We would be saving that for that ledge that was waiting up ahead for us.  The book said it was a ledge that we would remember, long after the rest of the trail had faded away in our memories.  Hmmmm.....maybe we should have ran Moab Rim again and left this trail for someone else!  LOL

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