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Pictures from recent Trail Rides


12-4-7a.jpg (54852 bytes) This one was the end result of a nice Saturday trail ride that ended up in a little canyon called Red Creek.  The water was flowing down the center of the creek bed....just enough to cool off the 90+ day.

I was amazed at how high the water can actually get.  We saw brush debris well over 6 feet up the bank and in the trees.  (This was in a section of the creek that was about 60' across with bedrock walls.)  I don't think I would like to have my Jeep in there when that wall of water came through.  They don't call them flash floods for nothing!

Although difficult to see, this is the Verde River in Arizona at the point where the Sheep Bridge, built in 1943, once crossed the river.   The local sheep herders built the bridge so that they could move their flocks back and forth across the river and gain access to the cooler mountain grazing in the summer months. 12-5-1a.jpg (49958 bytes)
12-5-3a.jpg (43991 bytes) This is the original structure that anchored the bridge on the West bank of the Verde River.  It was originally built from heavy timber, and was soon reinforced with concrete to better secure the bridge.  It was made entirely by hand tools.  No heavy machinery was used. 


The old bridge was taken down in 1989 and this new steel suspension structure was put up in its place.  I wish I had been able to see the old bridge before it was removed.  12-5-2a.jpg (46385 bytes)
12-5-4a.jpg (49836 bytes) A view straight down the new bridge.  If memory serves me correctly, it is a bit over  400' in length.

The Sheep Bridge is located in the Tonto National Forest.

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