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Moab 2004

It started with a thread on the Trail Rides, Meeting, & Events forum at JeepsUnlimited.com.  It ended with Jeepers from all over the US getting together to make the 4th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run a reality during the week of April 18-24.  The planning stages for 4AJUMR started in mid-2003 when Josh Bingham announced that he would be unable to coordinate the 2004 gathering at Moab.  After a quick discussion with my wife Donna, we decided to take on the coordination duties and 4AJUMR was on its way.  About 550 thread responses later, 50+ Jeepers had indicated they would be joining their friends in Moab.  Just under 40 made it to Moab (if my count was accurate).  To those that didn't make it, you missed some great trail rides and a super pot luck dinner on Wednesday night at the local Lion's Club Park.

Before I get into putting up some pics of the trail rides I did, I want to thank all of the participating vendors who took the time to respond to my e-mail requests for raffle prizes.  These prizes were raffled off after our pot luck dinner on Wednesday evening.  Every adult received a ticket and as a ticket was drawn, the winner was able to pick from any of the remaining prizes.  We figured this was the best way to do the drawing as it allowed the person to select something that they wanted and helped eliminate them receiving an item that they could not use or already had installed on their Jeep.

I want to thank the following companies/vendors and individuals that contributed items for the raffle drawing.  The donations you supplied spanned quite a range of items.  There were a lot of smiling Jeepers, thanks to you, and I am sure they will be telling their friends about your generosity.  I am sure they will continue to refer business to you in the years to come.  Thanks again for your support of 4AJUMR! 

4 Wheelers Supply
Applied Innovative Technologies
DPG Offroad
Donna Olson
Kent Warner
Kilby Enterprises
Kwan Motor Systems
Supplee 4WD
Tom Wood Custom Drive Shaft
Tough Stuff Products
Toys by Troy
Tuffy Products
Warn Industries

Here are some pictures from the pot luck dinner/raffle.


Some of the Jeeps parked at the edge of the picnic area.  We had the entire park to ourselves, which was nice.  About 15 minutes before we were ready to wrap up, the wind picked up and we were introduced to the beginning of the storm front that was pushing through the area.  LOTS of wind to say the least.....and then came the rain.


One of several tables that was covered with plenty of food.  I didn't get around to sampling nearly as much of it as I was hoping to do.  Oh well, maybe next year!


We placed the various raffle contributions on top of the table and I used the bench to arrange the gift certificate envelopes.  We had a little bit of everything in the mix, including such items as air tanks, TJ sport bar, no-battery flashlights, grab handles, shirts, caps, paint protectors, oil spill absorption mats, beef jerky, license plate holders, and many other items.  Some of the gift certificates were for specific items, such as quick disconnects, while others could be redeemed for any item carried by the vendor (up to the $$ amount of the certificate). 


OK...everything is setup and ready to go.  Everyone had pretty much had there fill of the good food that all brought to share.  Once Mike passed out the raffle tickets, we were ready to go. 


As a ticket was drawn, the lucky winner came up and picked an item from the table.  The smiles were pretty BIG when he or she got exactly what they were hoping for.  I know Mike got one of the air tanks (he had a brand new Extreme Air compressor waiting at home to get installed) and Trina was quite excited when she picked up a gift certificate for a pair of quick disconnects.  Hers were literally on their last leg! 

Once again, a BIG thanks goes out to those vendors and individuals that helped with the raffle prizes.  You made for some pretty happy Jeepers!

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