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Moab 2005

Having coordinated the 4th Annual JeepsUnlimited Moab Run in 2004, I opted to just be a participant in this year's run and lead a few trail runs if need be.  As in the other JU runs that Donna and I have attended, we made new friends and got a chance to renew acquaintances with others that we've not seen since the previous year.  Attendance was down this year (compared to last) but what we lacked in quantity, we certainly made up for in quality. 

We had the chance to share a number of trails with some folks from Texas.  Chuck and Tammy and their friend Donnie made their first trip to Moab but I have a feeling it won't be their last.  As luck would have it, they also stayed at the same motel as Donna and I so we got a chance to chat off the trail as well as on the trail.  I look forward to sharing more trail time with them, hopefully later this year.

This year's trip mileage total 1154 miles.  I burned a total of 75.7 gallons of gasoline which turns out to be 15.24 MPG.  This includes the trip up and back and six days on the trail at Moab.  Not too bad when you consider the fact that I pulled my 6' off-road trailer on the trip. 

And so, with no particular order for the pictures, here are some of my favorites from our 2005 Moab run with our friends from the JeepsUnlimited on-line forum.



Here's a picture of Donnie coming down Moab Rim.  This is the Devil's Crack obstacle.  He's making it look easy with his Full Traction 6" lift and 37" tires.  Donnie told me his next modification is to replace the quick disconnects with a sway bar.  I think he was fairly impressed with my new SwayLOC.  If he doesn't get that, he'll probably get a Currie Anti-Rock.  This was Donnie's first trip from Texas to Moab and he promised he will be doing it again.


This was the 1st year that our two dogs, Syra and Angle, accompanied us to Moab.  Needless to say, the long days on the trail took its toll.  They were extremely tired and were very happy to take the day off on Wednesday.  Donna snapped this picture when she caught them sleeping in late.  Syra (the brown one) is usually up at o'dark:30 but this time she wasn't budging one bit. 


We had never been down the trail that leads to the Secret Spire, so we made an easy day of it and checked it out.  My power steering pump started to croak on the previous day's run and I wasn't looking for a trail where I would regret being stranded if it went out.  I had a new pump over-nighted and installed it the following day before hitting the last trail for the week.  We also visited a nice overlook on the Spring Canyon Point Trail that took us out to the Green River.  A cool place called the Dellenbaugh Tunnel was also on the agenda for this day.  All in all, a great day to spend with our friends.


A nice picture of Matt flexing his way across the Golden Crack.  I was totally impressed with his home made lift.  His YJ sports a SOA front end and a long arm coil sprung rear end.  I think the rear uses a set of triangulated rear uppers.  It was his first Moab run and he was smiling just about every time I saw him.


Meet Chuck and Tammy, our new found friends from Texas.  They trailered their TJ from the Texas coast along with Donnie's.  I think Chuck said he was getting about 8 MPG with his tow rig.  OUCH!   As chance had it, they stayed at the same motel we were at so we got to know them pretty well.  Donna and I are looking forward to spending more trail time with them.


While running the Golden Spike, Mike decided to take a chance near the edge of the rim.  It is several hundred feet down at that point.  I hope he set his parking brake on his TJ.  <grin on> Hate to see a good Jeep go over the side like that!  <grin off>

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