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Trail Repair 101

The first of what many hope will become a series of technical workshops, this one started on trail repairs.  Axle breakage is something that can happen to anyone, anytime.  D-35, D-44, and D-30 axle shaft replacement was covered in this session.  The pictures pretty much tell the story.  As always, it was great to put names and faces together at one of these big get togethers.

I would like to thank Nick at Performance Offroad for making his facility available to everyone, on his day off!  Having a lift available for two of the axle swaps made it much easier for all to see and learn.  Jeff Stewart got the ball rolling on this hole thing and did a great job.  A big thanks to all that helped with the demos, hot dog cooking, tool fetching, and what ever else was done before and during the workshop.  Your hard work is appreciated by all. 

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