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Sunday Trail Run


While attending the 11th Annual Chili Poker Run on Nov. 6th, my friend Joe Ruby asked me if I wanted to go out the following day and see some Indian ruins in the Southern Bradshaw Mountains.  Not wanting to waste a good opportunity to see some Arizona history, I promised I would meet up with him at 8:30 the next morning, ready to go.

Here are a few photos of our run for that day.  Joe led me back into the mountains until my Jeep (and me for that matter) couldn't go any further.  He then had me climb on board his CJ-7 (ok, so he has a few more goodies in his) and took me up a trail he has traveled several times before.  Here are a few shots from that day.

nov7-1a.jpg (46318 bytes)
First stop was the Indian ruins.  You can see part of the walls that were built hundreds of years ago.
nov7-10a.jpg (45785 bytes)
Joe stands near the edge of the ruins, high atop a mesa.  These people had a beautiful view.
nov7-3a.jpg (50549 bytes)
Joe snapped a shot of me by one of the stone walls.

nov7-2a.jpg (46105 bytes)
A hole was craved into the stone floor and used to grind the grain into flour.  You can see the size of it compared to the 1 liter water bottle.
nov7-4a.jpg (43582 bytes)
Another shot of the stone walls, all that remains of this long ago village.
nov7-5a.jpg (48638 bytes)
Further down the trail and way up a mountain, Joe checks out the trail.
nov7-7a.jpg (45153 bytes)
This is a gauging station, which is used to measure the level of the water in the creek or river during the wet season.  I did not have time to check it out to see exactly how it works, but I will the next time I am in the area.
nov7-6a.jpg (49136 bytes)
From where Joe is standing (in the photo above), this is the trail leading up, up, and away!  Believe it or not, it gets steeper a bit further up.
nov7-8a.jpg (44112 bytes)
Joe and I call this the Little Grand Canyon.  This little creek has cut its way through the bedrock, on its way to a nearby lake. 
nov7-9a.jpg (41629 bytes)
Our rides, parked near the Little Grand Canyon.  Joe's CJ-7 sports about an 80:1 crawl ratio, while I have to limp by with 39:1.  Hence, we parked mine and used his on a 4 rated trail earlier that day.

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