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Write-ups from other Jeepers

Every now and then I'll host a write-up from another Jeeper.  Space is always a consideration since I've yet to find a web host that provides unlimited hard disk space.  LOL

Please don't write me and ask questions about these write-ups because I didn't do them.  I've not checked the validity or accuracy of the info they contain so if something isn't right.....please don't ask me.  With that out of the way, here are some write-ups from other folks.


Changing the TJ Fuel Pump
by Jim Shanks

TJ Horn Alarm
by Zach Matson

TJ Front Driveshaft CV Assembly Overhaul
by Zach Matson

TJ Soft Top Sunroof
by Dave Gallegos

TJ York OBA Installation
by Dave Gallegos

Putting TJ D30 shafts into a YJ
by Ty Cook

AW-4 Tranny Swap into a TJ
by Scott Kruize

Ford 8.8 to TJ Axle Swap
by Nick Scribner

Teraflex Bushing Replacements
by Mike Baney

SYE Kit Installation
by James Towle

TJ Airbox Relocaiton for York OBA
by Frank,  aka Daless2

Driveshaft U-Joint Replacement
by Steve,  aka Jeeper

York OBA Clutch Bearing Service
by Scott Findley




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