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VIAIR 440P Portable Air Compressor

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a 4x4 run in Payson, Arizona.  After the run, Troy and I drove back into town to get ready for the trip home.  I had to air up my 35" MT/Rs and he needed to get his TJ on the trailer and strapped down for travel. 

While I was uncoiling my air hose, Troy asked if I wanted to try a new compressor he had borrowed from a friend for this trip.  If it did the job, he intended to stock them for sale in the front office area.  I was the guinea pig to see how the little shiny compressor did on my 4 tires.  To be honest, I didn't expect very much.  I had seen too many little 12V compressors with little battery cables on them and none impressed me.  Most (all?) were slower than my QuickAir 2 compressor and that unit was what I considered the absolute minimum for 35" tires.

So.....I agreed to give this little compressor a try to see how it stacked up.  Boy, was I taken by surprise!  This little compressor was quite the work horse and amazingly quiet too.  I didn't take any time measurements while filling the tires but I can say that it cranked out the air faster than I expected.  I packed it back up into its little carry case and returned it to Troy with a smile.  It was a keeper, in my opinion, and worth some more testing.

Troy returned the compressor to his friend and so I didn't get a chance to try it again until today.  Troy had attended the Parker Desert Splash 4x4 run in Parker, Arizona this past weekend and had picked one of these compressors up for the trip.  When I stopped by the shop to wrench a bit on my TJ, he asked if I wanted to check out the compressor again and provide a better run down of what it was capable of doing.  I jumped at the chance as I wanted to get a product review up on the site so folks could get some real world information on this unit.

So with all of that as an introduction as to how this all came to be....here is the product review on the Viair 440P portable air compressor. 

This 440P compressor is one of many offerings from VIAIR.  Viair lists a number of compressors, accessories, fittings, tanks, etc. at their web site.  As I write this, the 440P doesn't show in their product lineup but I was able to Google to a page on their site with the 440P specs. 



The compressor with accessories is packed in a nylon (I believe) carry case.  Take a few minutes and read all of the information on the packing box.  You'll find out lots about what your new compressor can do and you may even be able to skip the owners manual.



Unzipping the bag reveals some styrofoam packing and various pieces and parts all packed in little bags.  The air hose is stored in an attached pouch.



The compressor comes with one of those little adapter kits that inflates rafts, volley/basket balls, your rubber boat, etc.  While I am not totally taken with the coily air hoses, this one seem to do the job very well and it wasn't too difficult to extend it to its maximum length.  There are two spare air filters and another is already installed in the yet to be screwed into place air cleaner assembly.



As already mentioned, the air cleaner assembly has replaceable filters.  Removing the rubber plug in the compressor provides a threaded port for screwing in the air cleaner assembly.  Little compressors commonly "dance" around the vehicle when running....I guess it is some kind of a happy dance performed during the air up ritual?  Anyway, the 440P has a plate to which the compressor is mounted via rubber shock absorbing feet.  I am glad to report that if you are expecting the compressor to happy dance around your tires while doing its job, you will be sadly disappointed.  I found that this one simply sits there, looking very much like a compressor and not making the traditionally loud noise that is common with these small units. 


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