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Twisted Hobbys Flash Reloaded

The winter continues on and with the exception of a couple of abnormally warm days when I charged a couple of batteries and flew my Nemesis, the flying season is way past done and the winter building season continues.  This is article covers the 3rd plane I bought for the building season, the Twisted Hobbys (TH) Flash Reloaded.  TH calls it the "Reloaded" because it is the second plane they have offered that share the name Flash. 

I never flew the original Flash but according to the TH website, this new model has been completely "re-engineered for an easier and straightforward build".  The first model was released as a 3D trainer and this updated version includes suggested improvement from pilots who flew the initial release.  It is still listed as a 3D trainer but my intentions are to use it as a casual park flyer that provides me with 3D capabilities.  The 39" wingspan on this EPP foam model should handle more wind than the 32" Crack Yak that I've come to enjoy this past flying season.  As I write this, I've not flown my new Flash yet and probably won't until spring rolls around.  It's just too cold outside for me and my old fingers. 

The Flash is the first TH plane I've built that was fully equipped with electronics from my spare parts bin.  I didn't have to go buy 2S 500 mAH batteries like I did for one of my earlier EPP builds.  I didn't have to buy any 5 gram servos or 2305 motors running on a 10 amp ESC.  My spare parts collection has always targeted larger aircraft so when I selected this 39" model, it was with that in mind.  I feel confident that the components I've selected will work well in the Flash and provide the level of performance I expect from a Twisted Hobbys offering.

Twisted Hobbys Flash Reloaded unboxing

The Flash was well boxed and arrived in fine shape.  Aside from the EPP foam, it includes carbon fiber pieces used for structural reinforcement and servo control rods.  A plastic bag contains various components such as control horns, a motor firewall, and clevis hardware.  Much of the hardware was familiar as I had used the same on other TH planes.

I downloaded the factory build instructions from the TH website.  It had been updated in 2020 so that was nice to see.  The build thread on RCGroups dates back to mid-2018 indicating the Reloaded version has been available for about 2.5 years.  I found the PDF build instructions to be very good and had no problems following them.....which means I didn't have to un-do a mistake and reglue it.  It is not my intention to replace that document with my comments here.  This article is simply my comments and photos that cover my build of the Flash Reloaded. 


Twisted Hobbys Flash Reloaded gluing

I use parchment paper taped over a flat surface where I can pin the foam in place while the glue dries.  Cuts along the edge of the foam often includes small notches that aid in properly aligning the pieces to prevent you from accidentally installing something, such as the elevator, upside down.  As with most foam plane projects, looks twice (at the instructions), glue once. 


Twisted Hobbys Flash Reloaded attaching wings to fuselage

I'm waiting for the glue to dry after positioning the wings in place along the sides of the fuselage.  The T-pins work well in the EPP foam and the parchment paper keeps the glue that seeps through from gluing the foam to the pinning surface. 


Twisted Hobbys Flas Reloaded extra spar in wing

Based on comments from the RCGroups build thread, I added this piece of carbon fiber spar material along the leading edge of the wing.  Others had commented that they'd had problem with the foam tearing along this area due to the servo cutouts.  You can't see them in this view but you can in the previous photo.  I had a piece of 1x3mm CF spar material that I salvaged from another project so I cleaned it up and used it in the Flash.  I encourage you to read the RCGroups build thread as you'll find additional information about this and other suggestions you may want to implement.  I have plenty of time in the winter to review these build threads as I work on my projects. 



Twisted Hobbys Flash Reloaded wing spar

Here is the wing with the spar just glued into place.  I used Bob Smith Industries "Foam-Cure" on this project.  I've used it on numerous EPP builds and have found it works very well and it runs about half the price of Foam Tac although it is not recommended for use if doing foam hinges.  The TH instructions tell you to use CA for carbon fiber to foam joints.  I'm not a big CA advocate and after building more than a half dozen EPP planes, I've yet to find a problem where a CF joint, like this one in the wing spar, has become a problem down the road.  Besides that, my CA always seems to dry out between projects. 


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