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I had been flying my multi-rotor for a couple of months when a friend at work noticed the new background photo I had on my workstation.  (it was a nice pic of my quad)  That led to a discussion which quickly revealed that he and his brother had flown RC planes for many years.  He invited me to their traditional New Year's Day fun fly to see what flying fixed wing aircraft was like.  After watching them for a couple of hours, I new I was hooked.  I spent a fair amount of time on the forums reading and researching and finally bought a couple of foam board planes from Flite Test.  That was some time ago and I've had way more fun that I could imagine since then.  I still fly my multi-rotor but not very often (the truth be known I've gotten kind of rusty compared to how I was doing).  Regardless of what I have in the air, it is all fun and it is a great hobby for sure.

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