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Round #2

Monday came around after the weekend and the chances to do some work on Lady looked pretty good.  I 've worked a 4-10 schedule for many years now and always look forward to having those Mondays off.  

I met up with Alan a bit before lunch and we got started.  I rolled out the floor jack and jack stands while Alan got a few tools ready.  With the digital camera at the ready, we proceeded to install the front track bar.


First thing to remove is the Torx 50 bolt that holds the axle end of the front track bar in place.  It has one of those nuts with the welded on tab which makes it easy  to keep the nut from spinning.  I still would like to know why they use Torx bolts on this stuff.  I hate this kind of fastener with a passion! 


Remove the cotter pin and then the nut from the ball stud at the frame end of the track bar.  The factory service manual says to use a universal puller tool to do this but neither Alan nor I happened to have one laying around (we didn't have a clue what they even look like).  


We got out a big pry bar and gave it the old college try but had no luck.  Not being one to back away from a good fight, Alan suggested using the impact hammer.  Knowing that this track bar was not going to be recycled made the decision to use this removal method an easy one.  Alan retrieved the impact hammer and attached the whip hose to the supply hose coming from the compressor.  Armed with more foot pounds of "thumping power" than is humanly reproducable,  I maneuvered the impact hammer into position.  I was extremely delighted when a 1 second pull on the trigger resulted in the track bar dropping out into my hand.  Outstanding!


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