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Round #2

I got home today to find a fairly heavy box sitting on my front patio (UPS was hoping someone would steal about $1K worth of parts maybe?).  Not too sure about that but luckily it was still there when I got home.

The box was from Supplee 4WD Enterprises, Inc., a small 4x4 shop in Moore, OK.  (405) 799-8977  Bob Supplee is a great guy and I have purchased a number of Lady's parts from him in previous years.  Every time I call his shop, it is kind of like running into your cousin at the family reunion.  We catch up on what each other has been doing, update each other about mutual friends.....well, you know what I mean.  He gave me a great deal on the Tera 4:1 and the 2LO kits for my NP-231 transfer case.  At this time, Bob does not have a web site, so don't go looking for it.  Call around, get your prices, and then call Bob to see how much you will be saving and then order your parts!  It works for me.


The above photo shows the Tera 4:1 as it came out of the shipping box, bolted to the plywood backing plate.  The Tera 2LO kit is on the right.  Not much to it.  I'll be getting with a friend this weekend and working on the spare transfer case.  I really need to have it completed before I start my lift.  Once those Procomp springs are in place on Lady, she won't be rolling anywhere until the new CV drive shaft is in place, and that means the spare t-case with the SYE has to be in place too.  FYI, the other parts for the 4:1 kit are stashed inside the housing.  You will find them when you remove the two bolts that is holding it to the backing plate.

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