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 Year 2001: Round #2 of my TJ Build-up


Due to a number of various reasons, I have decided that it is time for Lady to get some work done on her.  Aside from some minor things this past summer, she hasn't seen any major effort applied since last spring, when the gears, Detroits, new D44 rear axle, tires, etc., were all done.

I've found myself wanting to put Lady into places where I know she won't do well, without taking a beating on her undercarriage.  Once finished, I am looking forward to doing many of these trails that I have been holding off on.  Several of my regular Jeepin' buddies are doing the same thing, albeit to Lady's leaf sprung cousins.  

I've met a lot of Jeepers in the past couple of years since I've been wheelin' Lady.  It goes without saying that many of these outings have resulted in lots and lots of trail talk covering almost every Jeep topic you can think of.  I don't even begin to think I know everything there is to know about my TJ, but compared to a couple years back, I got a pretty good idea what this round of work is going to give me. 

It seems that regardless of what you are getting these days, there never seems to be just one manufacturer that has everything you want all wrapped up in one tidy  package.  There are lots of lift manufacturers out there making products for the TJ.  It is probably my own fault that I keep talking to as many folks as I can about these things....for if I didn't, I probably wouldn't end up needing to pick and chose different items from various manufacturers. 

So, with this little bit of introduction, it is time to start the Round #2 build-up.  As these items are installed on Lady, I'll try to do a write-up on them and get some good pics too.


Note:  If you wish, you can jump to specific areas of the build-up by using the index below.  I would suggest that you start at the beginning on your first time through and then use the index on return visits so you quickly catch up on what has been happening.  Not all of the content provided in the build-up project will be indexed in the below table.  I am hitting several of the high points of the buildup in the index.

Quick Navigate Build-up Index

Planned mods Transfer case
Suspension components Springs
Fixed length lower control arms
Rear track bar

Rear Adjustable Upper control arms
Front Adjustable Upper control arms
Front track bar
Misc parts
Transfer case components Tera 4:1 kit
Tera 2LO kit
T-case disassembly Fill & Drain plug
Front shaft yoke

Front-rear case bolts
Separate front and rear case
T-case internal parts
Shift sector
Bearing retainer cap
Stud removal
Front output shaft seal
Front output shaft snap ring
Tera 4:1 and 2LO install Front output shaft bearing
Shift sector detent cap
Front-to-rear cases
T-Case tools List of tools for t-case work
Track bar replacement Front track bar
Rear track bar and bracket
Springs, control arms, and shocks Front springs
Front control arms
Rear springs
Rear control arms
Other items Tera Rear Shock Relocators
Transfer case swap
Shock Measurements and Numbers
Front End Alignment Data
First trail run after the lift Raw Deal Proving Grounds

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