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Power Steering Pump & Remote Reservoir

While at the 5th Annual Jeeps Unlimited Moab Run in May, 2005, my power steering pump that serviced the Hydroboost and my steering box was fading fast (and I do mean fast).  Vanco helped me out and we got a pump from PSC sent over-night to my motel.  It was a temporary fix as I was waiting to install a new pump with a remote reservoir once it became available.  Enter Performance Off-Road Systems from Wetumpka, AL.  I spoke at length with the owner, Sean, about pumps and other hydraulics.  His company does a fair amount of steering setups, rams, and ram assists.  Sean sent out a pump and reservoir and I picked up the hoses and hose fittings locally and ordered a mounting bracket from PSC.



This wasn't a "kit" so it was up to me to obtain the necessary hose and connectors to get it into the TJ.  The pump is rated at 4 GPM (Sean says it will flow a bit more than at) at 1450 PSI.  The remote reservoir holds more fluid than the smaller reservoir that is attached to the factory pump.  The reservoir has a return fitting on the bottom while the suction connector sits low on the side of the can. 


The reservoir contains a filter which also serves as a baffle.  This is the top of the reservoir.  Power steering fluid will expand a bit when it gets hot so don't fill it to the top.  The larger reservoir also serves to act as a cooler (of sorts).  It doesn't replace a regular PS cooler, in my opinion, but having this remote mounted from the pump gives you more fluid capacity and a cooler running system.


A quick look into the suction port reveals a bit of the filter that is mounted in the reservoir.  The outlet is a -10 AN fitting and the return line is a -6 AN line. 

My original PS pump configuration (from Vanco) had the return lines from the steering gear box and the Hydroboost coming together at a T fitting and then going into the pump reservoir.  While this works, I am pretty sure that the flow is being restricted prior to reaching the reservoir (when the flow is at maximum). 



Having two return lines going into the reservoir would be the ideal setup.  Unfortunately, that can not be easily achieved with the stock pump reservoir.  I picked up a weld in male -6 fitting to add to the new reservoir.  This particular one is made by Earl.  I believe the part number in the above picture is the Earl # and not the inventory number from the store I got it at, which was a performance speed shop.  A good friend of mine was kind enough to weld it to the reservoir once I had made the hole in the reservoir.  The fitting runs about $4. 

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