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Hydraulic Ram Assist Steering

(Part 1)


At this point, there are just three bolts and two hoses holding the steering box in place.  You've almost got it removed.

Some folks prefer to remove the two hoses from the box at this point.  It can be difficult to get a wrench onto the hose fittings depending on what kind of bumper you have, winch mounting plate, etc.  The first time I swapped out a steering box, I removed the hose connections and then removed the mounting bolts.  This time, I removed the bolts and then the hose connections.  I'm not sure either way is better than the other. 


Three bolts hold the steering box onto the driver's side frame rail.  If you have a buddy near by, now is a good time to get an extra pair of hands involved with holding the box while the last bolt is removed.



With the bolts removed, I used a piece of wire to hold the steering box while I removed the hose connections and let everything drain into a catch pan.  Make a mental note of how the hoses are routed, etc., which will make putting everything back together a little bit easier.  You'll have a fair amount of power steering fluid running out of the box and more so the hoses.  I just let everything go for a while until it stops.  It's a good way to drain out the old fluid which is not necessarily a bad thing.



With the fluid drained from the system, the hoses were attached to the new steering box and it was bolted back onto the frame.  The mounting bolts are torqued to 70 foot pounds. 



In this photo and the one above, you can see the two ports for the hydraulic ram.  I screwed a pair of caps onto the fittings.  These prevent fluid loss which would be quite intense were they not there.  When I get the ram and hoses, these caps will be removed and the ram hoses will be attached here. 


That is it for now until the ram and hoses are obtained.  Hopefully it won't take too long.  I'm in the middle of a couple of other projects on the TJ that must be completed first. 




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