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Alumi-flex Steering


Since I had a RE adjustable track bar which required me to drill out the factory mount, Gordon improvised a bit to get the new alumi-flex track bar to hook up with my bracket.  As I've discovered time and time again, there is no such thing as a bolt on kit.  Because of prior mods to my rig, the TBT lift had to be "tweaked" a bit here and there to adapt to existing conditions.  This make it more of a challenge to do these advanced lifts in your drive way (without the help of welders, plasma cutters, grinders, tubing benders, and all of those other pieces of equipment that a well stocked 4x4 shop has available for such projects). 



Got parts?

This was the pile of parts that were removed during the new lift and steering system install .  They had a lot of good miles left.  No sag in the springs, RS-9000 shocks, all adjustable control arms and track bars, D44 guard.  All were sold during subsequent months to other Jeepers, both local and distant.

We'll, that is about it for now. 

Good trails and TREADLightly!




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