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This web site started as a simple home page that resided on 5 MB of free web space.  This was back in 1998 when Stu still had his '89 XJ.  He had a couple of write-ups and a few pics of some ham radio installs that he had done.

Since 1998, the XJ has been sold and the TJ purchased.  The site grew as TJ modifications were completed and routine maintenance was performed.  Today, this site resides on a leased web server.  At last count, there was 2+ GB of TJ related material on the sight.  This 2 GB of data consists of hundreds of pages of write-ups, thousands of quality photos, and hours of video viewing that is all provided for you. 

Unfortunately, the day of living in 5 MB of free web space are long gone.  This site is funded, out of pocket, by Stu. 

While donations are not required, they are gratefully accepted.  Dealerships usually charge $75 ~ $100 to change the fluid in your axle.  You can do it, using synthetic fluid and my diff fluid write-up, for under $20.   Maybe you could forward a couple of those saved bucks to help offset the expenses of maintaining this site?  If so, it would be appreciated.

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If everyone that visited the site each month were to donate just $1, I could purchase a new Jeep Rubicon every month.  Unfortunately, that level of donation doesn't happen.  I average about 1 person per month, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Any donation you can pass along is very much appreciated.  I can't promise you anything other than a thank you note from a fellow Jeeper who is grateful.  If you prefer to use the US Mail system to send your contribution, drop me an e-mail and I'll forward you my address.


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