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Currie AntiRock Upgrade

Note:  I was asked by Scott if I would post this additional piece of information that he finds himself passing on to other folks after they get talking about the Currie AntiRock bar and links.  He took the Currie links from the original install and moved them to the rear axle.  He then built a new pair and installed them up front on the AntiRock bar.  His comments and a couple of photos follow.

As discussed earlier, the links that come with the Currie Antirock are designed for 4" of lift. This started out as a project to build new links for the rear using heim joints. I picked up the joints from Grainger and the other  hardware from Copperstate Nut and Bolt (a local fastener store here in Phoenix). As I began assembling them, I realized that my heims were identical to those used on the Currie links. So instead of putting the new links in the rear, I made them a bit longer and used them up front. I then installed the original Currie links on the rear. The front AntiRock now sits at 11 degrees. It was at 8-9 degrees before installing the longer links. Supposedly this should allow more flex up front. I got the idea to do the heims in the rear from Robert Yates and others in California. They claim it allows a bit more flex than the standard links with bushings. My friends Jake W and Joey K ran with Robert when he was in town and Jake really noticed that the rear heims seemed to make a big difference.

The parts needed to build the new links:


    4 1/2"-20 right hand Heim joints from Grainger

    1/2"-20 3 foot long threaded rod

    6 1/2" washers

    6 1/2"-20 nuts

    2 1/2"-20 nylock nuts


Total cost of parts:    Approx $50


Here is a photo of Scott's new front links.  Yes, he does like purple.  Most of the add-ons to his Jeep are detail in purple.  We always manage to give him a ration of you know what about it, but he keeps doing it anyway.  If it wasn't for the color, you would be hard pressed to say they were not Currie links.



These are the original current links that Scott has moved to the rear.  I don't know if he was running extended links here (from when he installed his RE lift) but I assume he was.  The links won't bind back here like the standard links with bushings can.  I'll have to keep this little trick in mind when I do mine!

Update:   After installing my new alumi-flex lift, it was obvious that my front links were too short.  I had been running RE extended links in the rear.  The tape measure showed that my existing AR links would fit in the rear and give me about 2" more link length than I previously had.  I acquired some heim joints from Granger and the new links for the AR went together just fine.  The mounting holes in the rear factory sway bar had to be enlarged (remove the bar and use a drill press to do the work....the hand drill is a loosing battle!) so that the mounting bolts on the old AR heims would fit correctly. 




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