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Rear Coil Spring Retainers

Depending on a number of suspension related components, you may or may not have an axle that droops so much that it causes the coil springs to rattle around (or even fall out in some extreme cases).  If you do, and your budget is all used up from that last major modification, then this pair of spring retainers may be just what you need.  They work great and can be made from a piece of flat stock. 

I can't take credit for coming up with the idea for these retainers....that goes to Troy at Toys by Troy.  Troy found a use for a drop from the manufacturing process used on his corner guards.  So I grabbed a couple to try out and share the idea with you. 



The retainers are actually the 4" LED laser cutouts from the TBT corner guards.  The laser was programmed to cut a 3/8" diameter hole in the middle (while it was cutting the rest of the holes) of the drop from the 4" LED mounting hole.  A pair of these and two self tapping bolts are all that is required.  I had the black spray paint sitting on the shelf so I'm not counting that.


Using my floor jack, I put a pair of jack stands under the rear axle and then removed both tires.  I disconnected one end of the rear shocks so the axle could droop just a bit more which let me easily remove the springs. 

With the springs removed, I put a hole in both bottom perches using a 5/16" drill.  The 3/8" self tapping bolt was then screwed into the new hole to cut the new threads.  With the holes now finished, I popped the springs back into position and reattached the rear shocks.


You can see the new hole in the center of the spring perch, ready to anchor the spring retainers in place.


After the spray paint had dried, I slipped the retainer plate onto the spring perch and threaded the self-tapping bolt into the perch. 


Here is the finished project with everything buttoned up and ready for the tires to be put back onto the axle.  Its a very simple mod and anyone can do it.  Use a piece of scrap metal if you have it laying around, or check out some of the local 4x4 fab shops to see if they have anything that you can use.  The price is right and you can save your $$ for those other mods that are not nearly as easy to make yourself. 

Good luck and remember to TREADLightly



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